Beware the wolves that hide in sheepskin: Darren Sammy

Beware the wolves that hide in sheepskin: Darren Sammy

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Despite feeding these wolves, they will eat you while they sleep: tweet from former West Indies captain
Former West Indies captain Sammy tweet after the English cricket team pulled out of the Pakistan tour. Former West Indies Captain Darren Sammy wrote on the social networking site Twitter: “Beware of wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing.” Darren Sammy said: Will
It should be noted that England apologized for sending their teams to Pakistan yesterday. The English men’s and women’s teams will visit Pakistan in October. The English Cricket Board said the team could not be shipped to Pakistan with security information. The ECB said that the physical and mental well-being of the players and support staff is a top priority.

Rameez Raja hints at Plan B in case the Australian team doesn’t come

Afghanistan cricket president is coming for a meeting, Sri Lanka can help us: PCB president
Lahore Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Rameez Raja hinted at Plan B in case the Australia team failed to show up. The President of Afghanistan Cricket is coming for a meeting. Sri Lanka can help us. Speaking at a virtual press conference in Lahore, the president of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that he had told his board that if the team does not come to Australia, make a plan B. There are no expectations from India. President PCB said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet with the players on the 22nd. We have spoken with the Prime Minister in detail. We continue to take and will continue to take his guidelines. We have to strengthen ourselves so that no one refuses to play. If you do, you must think that once, I spoke to the England and New Zealand cricket chiefs, if you could show the recording, you would know how I spoke to the boards who refused, openly said that you work with us. and did not cooperate with us, it is not possible that if we lose consciousness, leave us, we will play with dignity, I will not let Pakistan be hurt.

“I will tell the team that we have to silence the world with our performances, there is pain and anger, there is a challenge for us that we have to play and present our position, we have to investigate the matter legally and as well.” has to deal with building blocks.

The British High Commissioner also ruled against the English Cricket Board’s decision.

Pakistan is a safe country, the British embassy did not issue any security alerts, the visit of the English cricket team to Pakistan was not canceled due to security concerns: Christian Turner

Lahore The British High Commissioner also spoke out against the decision of the English Cricket Board, according to the details of the British High Commissioner in Pakistan, Christian Turner’s decision to reject the visit from the English team to Pakistan The answer has been given. In conversation with a private television channel, Christian Turner clarified that the decision not to visit Pakistan was made by the English Cricket Board and the British government had nothing to do with this decision.
Pakistan is a safe country, the British embassy did not issue any security alerts, the visit of the English cricket team to Pakistan was not canceled for security reasons. The British High Commissioner further said that this is a disappointing day, no one is more depressed than me when the English team did not come to Pakistan.

However, now I assure you that we will work together for the forthcoming tour of the English cricket team to Pakistan.

On the other hand, columnists from England and New Zealand criticized the cricket tables in their own countries for canceling their tour of Pakistan. Cricket columnists say Pakistan is right, England and New Zealand got it wrong, columnists also pointed to the double standards adopted by their respective cricket boards.
George Double, a columnist for the popular cricket website Kirk Info, wrote: “The English Cricket Board can quickly lose its friends through hypocrisy and double standards. He wrote that immediately after the start of the Champions Trophy in 2017, there was an incident of deliberate crushing of civilians by a truck in the UK, but the match between Pakistan and India went on schedule, no teams returned and the event was complete.
“If life is necessary for Leicester and London, it is equally important in Lahore and Larkana,” wrote George Dubel.
Noted New Zealand columnist Mark Reisen also harshly criticized the Kiwi Board, saying: “The Kiwi Board has done a good tour. Pakistan’s anger is justified.” “David White has made a mistake in all matters. The Pakistani prime minister will not be happy to reject the garantías. Imran Khan was not wrong when speaking to his New Zealand counterpart. This is a global event, “he added.

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