Good news for those who work in the United Arab Emirates or are looking for a new job.

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Good news for those who work in the United Arab Emirates or are looking for a new job.

Following the corona virus outbreak, the job market is showing signs of improvement, with expected annual wages rising 4%, and 26% of UAE companies plan to hire more staff in the next 12 months. Reports

The good news for employees working at various companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is that the global outbreak of the corona virus has led to a 4% increase in annual wages as the job market shows signs of recovery. The Gulf Times reports, citing research by Willis Towers Watson, that companies will increase their annual staff salaries by 4% next year in 2022 after the job market improved during the global epidemic in the UAE.

A total of 316 UAE companies participated in a global survey on wage budgeting and hiring by Wallace Towers Watson, a leading global organization, which found that some industries intended to be more generous than others. The average salary increase in 2022 is expected to be 4.4 percent for those in the medical technology industry, 4.3 percent for pharmaceutical employees, and 4.3 percent for manufacturing, while 3.2 percent for cent for insurance workers. Business consulting could increase by 3.2%, energy and natural resources by 3.3%.

The talent war continues to plague epidemics, with UAE companies encouraging and retaining the best employees through pay increases in 2021, compared to meeting average performance ratings. That’s 2.7 times more than half of UAE companies (53%) said their business situation was beyond or far from what they thought, while only 3% said it exceeded their expectations, not enough.

According to the report, 26 per cent of UAE companies plan to hire more staff in the next 12 months, while 10 per cent expect a reduction in headcount, and more than half of hiring companies (57 per cent) say they are trying to play a role in sales, while technical skills are hotspots with 43% business and 30% engineering, but minimum hiring areas include HR 3%, finance 4% and marketing 2%.

United Arab Emirates ; The good news for workers is a longer holiday this year

This year has been a long vacation year for the UAE and foreign workers, UAE residents will enjoy 2 more long weekends for the rest of 2021.

Abu Dhabi: Two longer holidays have been announced for workers in the UAE this year. Residents working in the UAE will enjoy two more long weekends during the remainder of 2021. According to the details, this year turned out to be a year of long vacations for the people of the UAE, with Eid al- Fitr celebrated with the first long weekend in May, when residents enjoyed a five-day vacation from May 11-11. 15. Then came another long Eid al-Adha weekend in July, when residents took a six-day holiday from Monday July 19 (Arafa Day) to Saturday July 24, which is about work for residents of the United Arab Emirates this year. longer than

The Khaleej Times reported that during 2021, workers had a long three-day break on the occasion of the Islamic New Year, when the Hijri year began on August 10, but August 12 was declared a public holiday, followed by a two-day holiday. days. Weekends. Similarly, workers are likely to meet another 3-day holiday weekend from Thursday, October 21 to Saturday, October 23 on the occasion of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, and then the last break of the year that He 4 Memorial Day and United Arab Emirates National Day will run from Wednesday, December 1 to Saturday, December 4.

Additionally, Corona’s influence in the UAE has started to wane, giving workers a better chance to enjoy the holidays, as new Corona cases continue to decline in the country. face masks, including maintaining social distance.

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