Hamza Ali Abbasi has been criticized for his new video

Hamza Ali Abbasi has been criticized for his new video

Many Internet users are harshly criticizing Hamza Ali Abbasi for playing the guitar.

Pakistani Lahore lead actor, host Hamza Ali Abbasi, has come under fire from internet users for the new viral video of him. He shares selfies and videos with fans who are very dear to her and the fans of Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Nemal Khawar has shared a new video of her husband Hamza Ali Abbasi and hers son Mustafa Abbasi in her Insta Story in which you can see Hamza Ali Abbasi spending time with her son in a good mood her. In the video Hamza Ali Abbasi they are playing the guitar and I am also singing something. Due to the video Neemal is playing when Hamza’s voice is turned off (muffled sound), you cannot hear what Hamza Ali Abbasi is singing, but he is playing the guitar. It can be seen

In the video caption, Nemal says that ‘Mustafa is enjoying the guitar with his father. In her legend, Nemal says that she is working hard. The video of Hamza Ali Abbasi playing the guitar is being shared by Social Media Pages. Numerous comments are being made in the comment box of this post. Many Internet users have harshly criticized Hamza Ali Abbasi for playing the guitar.

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