How to Hide Selected Apps on Android Phone Home Screen

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How to Hide Selected Apps on Android Phone Home Screen

Everyone tries to prevent someone from accessing their mobile phone to obtain personal information. Users also want their acquaintances to be unable to access their personal data from the social media apps icon on the home screen or in the dryer. All companies that make Android smartphones allow their users to remove application shortcuts from the home screen or from the dryer.

Let’s take a look at how to remove the app icon from the home screen on some companies’ smartphones.


Samsung has also introduced an application called Secure Folder for this purpose. With this application (click here to download) users can create a separate version of the application in the secure folder.

That is, the content of the application stored in the secure folder and the application on the outer home screen will be completely different. Secure folders can be protected with PINs, passwords, or patterns. Secure folders can also be used to protect files and media.

Alternatively, you can remove the app icons from the home screen with Settings> Display> Home screen> Hide apps, but note that this way the app icons will only be removed from the home screen or dryer.

The application will continue to appear in the search results or in the application list.


In LG, Settings> Display> Home screen> Hide apps you can hide apps from the home screen. Some Android brands, including LG, have the option to hide apps within the interface. To do this, you need to use the Hide apps option on the home screen or in the app dryer settings.


The new HTC U11 and other HTC phones have been introduced with the Sons interface, but they also have the feature of hiding apps. To do this, you need to touch the three-dot mark on the applications screen. Then tap Show / hide apps. From here you can hide different apps or show hidden apps.

Also, with various Android launchers such as Nova Launcher, you can hide or show home screen apps on Android phones.

How to access Android’s secret developer option

On Android, Google has given users more control over the operating system, not so on iOS. Android developer’s secret option is a menu that provides users with all kinds of useful controls. These include changing the speed of the animation, selecting the Blue Tooth codec, or limiting the number of apps running in the background. The only problem with accessing this option is that it is hidden by default, here we tell you how you can access this hidden menu.

First, open the Device Settings app. Then tap About phone. You will also see a Build Number section here. Some smartphones will have to touch the information in the software to get here.

Tap the build number several times and in a pop-up window you will see that you are now X steps away from being a developer. If you tap more than the typed number instead of X, the developer option will appear. To enable developer option, you need to tap Build number 7 times. The phone will ask for your password or PIN. A message about this provider will appear, where you are now a developer! Will be written. Then go back to the Settings menu and then tap System. Here you will see the developer options written in the Advanced section.

If you are not an expert in smartphone settings, leave this option hidden. If you want to hide this option after deleting it, disable it by toggling it at the top in Developer Options. If you hide the menu again, all settings will revert to default.

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