Mohammad Aamir rejected the notion of a return to international cricket

Mohammad Aamir rejected the notion of a return to international cricket

What good is playing national cricket when you are not playing international cricket?

Lahore national team speed bowler Mohammad Aamir once again lashed out at PCB officials. He said that when I am not playing international cricket, what is the use of playing national cricket, when it is not part of Pakistan’s international plans, then who should I play national matches for.

Mohammad Aamir said that my name was included in the central contract without asking. Before announcing the contract, at least if he had asked me, I would have removed myself from the contract without asking when I needed a contract to play international cricket.

Mohammad Amir said that I have to do with the national cricket contract, the PCB wants to put their hand on my neck by signing the contract but I will not be caught by the board, I will play domestic cricket, my place Give a contract with a poor boy so that your home on fire. The former fast bowler said there are educated people on the board but they act like ignorant people. Perhaps their hearts and minds have not yet accepted that I am an international cricketer. him and enjoying playing in the league, I will spend the free time I have with him with my family.

Rameez Raja announced the increase in the monthly salaries of national cricketers

Monthly income of domestic cricketers increased by Rs 1 lakh, salary increased from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh: President PCB

Lahore Rameez Raja also announced good news to national cricketers after the election of the PCB president and announced an increase in their salaries. During the press conference, Rameez Raja said that we have increased the monthly income of national cricketers by Rs. 1 lakh, after which his salary has increased from Rs. 1.5 lakh to Rs. The system will improve.

Rameez Raja said that I did not come here to be mistreated, there is an enclosure that bears my name in the Gaddafi stadium, I came here with a hard job and I want to do something for my cricket, I know that I will be responsible. Team selection alone is not enough to win the World Cup, there has not been as much discussion and selection about the team as here, the team that has been selected is very capable and the result will be good. it doesn’t work, it’s still an effort.

Rameez Raja said that in the 1992 World Cup the boys were between 20 and 23 years old, we have to take risks with the youth, look at the story why we won the 1992 World Cup, the integration failed again and again but we did it. No. Bar was giving him a chance, it had already been decided that he would play. Our mission was clear: whatever happens, we would not lose. Rameez Raja said that we have to correct our mistakes, we have to review the coaches cricket, the school and the club was too much of the associations, we will try to improve the school and club cricket, the uncertainty of the first-class cricket. The situation is .

The new president of PCB said that no work has been done on the fields in the past, our fields are very deficient, we have to work on the fields. Rameez Raja said that I will make the decision as I understand, there may be some mistakes in it, Rameez Raja thanked the entire Board of Governors for electing the president, said that Misbah and Waqar Younis worked hard and honestly, the winners of the World Cup came 1992. I want you to open your comments.

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