Nepra has issued a notification to increase the price of electricity

Increase in the price of electricity

Electricity has increased due to the fuel price adjustment in October; The increase in the price of electricity will not apply to Lifeline and K Electric customers.

Nepra has increased the price of electricity by three rupees and five paise per unit. According to media, Nepra has issued a notification to increase the price of electricity. The notification states that electricity has increased due to fuel price adjustment in October, the increase in electricity price will be charged in December electricity bills.

The per unit price of electricity has been increased by Rs 3.5 paise. The notification said that the increase in electricity price will not be applicable to Lifeline and K-Electric customers. Furthermore, the stock market continues its bullish trend today and the dollar has also become cheaper.

According to details, on the second day of the trading week, the business started positively in the Pakistan Stock Exchange and the 100 index increased by 212 points to reach 62 thousand 700 points, in addition to this, the price of dollar in the As a result, the interbank rate also decreased by 27 paisa. The interbank rate of the US dollar increased to Rs 284.25.

Yesterday, on the first day of the working week, the Pakistan Stock Exchange set a new record – the Hundred index crossed the 62,000 mark for the first time in history. While at the end of the last working week, the 100 index of Pakistan Stock Market closed at the level of 61 thousand 691 points.

The bullish trend in the stock market is reported to have continued and reached a new all-time high, with the benchmark index gaining 2604.90 points weekly due to continued buying and institutional support by local and foreign investors. level to close at a high of 61691.25 points. FPCCI presidential candidate Atif Ikram Shaikh said that the performance of the stock market is very satisfactory, the reforms and the satisfaction of the IMF have increased the confidence of investors.

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