On National Day, Saudi Arabia received a public holiday, a wave of workers, and a three-day holiday.

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A day off has been given on the occasion of the National Day, but this year the National Day arrives on Thursday, September 23, while Friday and Saturday are the same holidays in the country.

Riyadh: A holiday was declared in Saudi Arabia on the occasion of the National Day. Workers have three days off. According to the official Saudi Arabia news agency, the 91st National Day will be celebrated in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Celebrate as a family.

In this regard, it has been reported that under the labor laws in force in Saudi Arabia, a day off has been granted on the occasion of the National Day. There is a holiday, so the employees will have 3 holidays and will go back to work this time. on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

In connection with the preparations for the air show in Saudi Arabia on National Day, the atmosphere of the kingdom was decorated with different colors. On the 91st National Day of Saudi Arabia, air shows will be held in the main cities of the kingdom. Air shows are being held in other major cities in the country, including the capital Riyadh, Khabar, and Taif, which will feature Saudi Royal Air Force, Saudi Hawks, and Saudi Boeing aircraft. This is because air shows are held in the country from September 20 to September 25, during which the pilots of the planes showed their skills and performed aerobatics. The longest Saudi flag was raised in the air by a helicopter. During the performances of the Saudi pilots, the environment was decorated with different colors.

In Saudi Arabia, it has been announced that more than 7 million items will be sold at cheaper prices on the occasion of National Day. Saudi Arabia’s Commerce Ministry spokesman Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein has said more than 7 million items will be sold. It is sold at cheaper prices The trend of selling consumer goods at low prices has increased in the commercial establishments in the place and so far more than 2,700 commercial establishments and online shopping centers have obtained permits to offer discounted packages on the occasion of the National Day. Clothing tops the list of best-sellers, followed by furniture, perfumes and watches, gold jewelry, and food and beverages.

The UAE government has solved a long-standing problem for employees

A method for filing complaints about late payment of wages was introduced, all the details were also given.

Abu Dhabi: The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a method for filing complaints about wage delays, solving a long-standing employee problem. All the details were also revealed. The UAE authorities have been known to launch a portal called ‘My Salary’ to register complaints about delayed employee wages. The ministry itself investigates the problem of wage delays.

It has been reported that to file a complaint, workers must first go to My Salary Service, which is available on the Mohri website and in the ministry’s mobile application, then in the second stage, they must register as the number of passport, nationality, and date of birth, then select the username and enter the password, as well as provide the email address and mobile phone number, then select 2 secret questions and click on Terms and Conditions.

You will then receive a one-time-password as soon as you confirm your email and mobile phone number. After entering your one-time password, you will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation link to your email address. Select the services for employees and select the option ‘My salary’ in it and provide details about the delay in your salary there, after filing the complaint, the Ministry will investigate the complaint with the relevant department.

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