PSL: PCB considers a proposal to give 250,000 $ to foreign superstars

Choose Trainers Taking a Hands-On Approach Instead of Making Friends, PCB’s Message to Owners

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) President Rameez Raja has sought more lucrative packages to persuade prominent foreign cricketers to represent their chosen franchise in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The president of the PCB will meet with the franchise owners to discuss with them the various problems faced by the PSL, the main objective of which is to make the event more versatile and more attractive to renowned foreign players.

A proposal was made that a foreign cricketer who has the attention of fans be offered 250 250,000 for his one-season association with the PSL franchise.

Currently, the highest salary paid to a player in the PSL is 160 160,000. Rameez Raja will meet with the franchise owners to discuss various issues related to the league to make it more visible. An important meeting agenda is offering more lucrative packages to superstars. Some of the top stars could earn up to £ 250,000 to participate in the PSL from 2022. Although some key players already appear to be part of the league, the PCB hopes that the new package will also attract big stars from around the world to make a serious effort to play in the league.

The PCB expects the slab for each franchise to rise to about 1.5-1.5 million instead of 1 million to hire foreign players for one season. Other topics to be discussed at the PCB president’s meeting with PSL owners will be how to move forward with a strong financial league package.

The owners of PSL have complained about the lack of a sensible approach in the financial package offered by the PCB. He believes that Covid 19 has seriously affected his financial position and he is not in a position to pay the PCB in advance, be it an annual fee or another related fee. If he wishes to participate, these topics will also be discussed at the meeting which is likely to continue for hours.

The president is expected to put pressure on PCB franchise owners to ensure year-round activities help improve the overall quality of the game in the country. The PCB president is also expected to urge franchise owners to devise a system in which the salaries of coaches can be determined. There is no set standard for franchises to hire coaches. Some franchises tend to have the same coach, despite constant setbacks. The PCB will likely urge employers to choose a coach based on a practical approach rather than choosing a coach to foster relationships and friendships.

24th Meeting of the PSL General Council

The 24th meeting of the Lahore Pakistan Super League General Council was held on Friday afternoon, chaired by PCB President Rameez Raja. On this occasion, the PCB President appreciated the role of franchisees in making a significant contribution to the development and promotion of cricket in Pakistan. He assured franchisees that they are committed to strengthening, consolidating, and consolidating the PSL brand. Rameez Raja also assured team owners that they understand the challenges they face and will work with them in this regard.

The next PSL meeting will be held on Monday, September 27.

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