SadaPay Pakistan First Digital Payment App 2022

SadaPay Pakistan First Digital Payment App 2022

SadaPay Pakistan First Digital Payment App
SadaPay Pakistan First Digital Payment App

About SadaPay Pakistan First Digital Payment App:

SadaPay is a secure and smart online money management platform created to facilitate Pakistan’s domestic and international payment processes.
SadaPay provides an easy, secure and seamless way to move money in just a few clicks through the SadaPay app on any mobile device (smartphone) for business or personal use. What makes SadaPay different? It’s not like your typical bank account with monthly fees, minimum balance requirements, and lines of credit that require annual reviews. It’s different in that it gives you free banking with no end date restrictions on when your account goes dormant (free forever).

How to install :

1- Download the app from Google Playstore.

2- Install the App on your device.

3- Open the SadaPay app and log in with your mobile number.

4- Create a new account by entering your name and mobile phone number and clicking “Create account”.

SadaPay System will send you a confirmation code. To prove that you’re not really a robot, enter the Passcode in the box given. Then select “Create an account.”

SadaPay is an online mobile payment system specially designed for Pakistani users for payment processing and electronic money transfers (remittances).

SadaPay Master Debit Card:

1) Save time from long queues and traffic jams.

2) Enjoy your shopping, dining, and travel experience at home or abroad.

3) Make secure money transfers, pay bills or receive payments online.

4) Keep track of your finances through the NetBanking app, website, and mobile app.

5) Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Netbanking application and the mobile application.

6) Earn rewards points by using the card to make payments at more than 21 million locations worldwide, including stores, restaurants, hotels, airlines, and travel agencies.

How to order a master card:

1- Go to the SadaPay website.

2- Click on the “Get my card” button. You will be redirected to the NetBanking application.

3- On the left side of the NetBanking application, you can see “Card Services”, click on it and click on the “Request Card” button under the “MasterCard” header.

4- Click “Get Verification Code” after entering your name and mobile number. You will receive a verification number from SadaPay System. To validate your identification, enter that code in the field given and click “Request Card.”

How to send money to any bank account:

1)- Download the SadaPay application on your smartphone

2)- Register a new account with SadaPay through a text message

3)- Login and create a personal profile with your name, address, and mobile phone number

4)- Add money to your account by depositing it via ATM or bank transfer

5)- Send the money you received through an ATM or bank transfer to any bank account with the click of a button.

6) – Earn extra money by becoming an agent. Earn 20% of what your clients pay as commission on every transaction you make as an agent! SadaPay app is now available for use in Pakistan today.


Q1. What is the cost of sending money?

A1. SadaPay does not charge setup fees, monthly fees, or transaction fees (if sent from a bank account)

Q2. What is the process to open an account with SadaPay?

A2. Download the app, register with your mobile number and verify your SIM card with any of the 4 major operators in Pakistan (Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone or Zong) by giving them a missed call. Then verify your identity by providing the address you wish to use with our service, upload your CNIC or passport photo and link an account from any of the 25 banks in Pakistan.

Q3. What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

A3. SadaPay allows a minimum deposit of Rs 10,000 per bank account and if you want to send or receive money to or from any bank account in the world, you can deposit up to Rs 1 million per bank account.

Q4. How do I send money?

A4. You can send money to any other SadaPay user using your email address as the phone number of the recipient you want to receive your payment with (required for wire transfers)

P5. How do I set up an agent?

TO 5. If you’re feeling a bit more entrepreneurial, you can start accepting payments directly from your customers and earn 20% of their fees as commission! Set up an agent on the app by providing a 1-year recurring subscription, which costs Rs300 per month.

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