The Prices Of Petroleum Products Were Further Increased

The prices of petroleum products were further increased

Prices Of Petroleum Products

The federal government has once again issued a notification to increase the prices of petroleum products. But in the coming days, more increase can be seen. Currently, the federal government has increased the price by Rs. 19.95. In the coming days, it can be increased to Rs. 22.

With the recent announcement, food items are likely to increase as people can expect a further price hike later this month.

A senior representative of a capital market company said that diesel prices can be expected to increase by 20 to 22 rupees per liter and petrol prices will increase by 12 to 13 rupees in the next two weeks of this month.

The farm research head linked the rise in oil prices to the international market. He said the prices of refined products increased from 13 dollars per barrel to 111 dollars per barrel.

Inflation may be affected by the future increase in the price of petrol.

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