Will rain in Asia Cup hamper Pakistan’s progress to the finals?

Will rain in Asia Cup hamper Pakistan's progress to the finals?

After defeating Bangladesh in the first match of the Asia Cup Super Four stage, Pakistan became the first in the points table.

Even if all the matches in the Asia Cup are rained out, Pakistan will qualify for the final of the Asia Cup. It will be done. It is predicted to rain heavily in the Sri Lankan capital for the next 10 days.

In the Asia Cup, if there is any match, Pakistan will remain in the first position. In such a situation, the points of Sri Lanka and India will also be equal.

In case of matches being washed out, the net run rate will not be enforced in the Asia Cup. In case of equality of points and no run rate, the second team of the final will be decided on a toss. Rain has been predicted.

If the final cannot be held due to rain, then the finalist teams will be declared joint winners.

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