Honda Pridor zero markup installment plans in Pakistan Dec 2023

Honda Pridor zero markup installment plans

Honda, the country’s leading bicycle manufacturer, is known for targeting lower-middle- and working-class customers, and the Honda Pridor was the motorcycle that was launched in 2012 in the 100 cc category.

As Honda is still famous for its best-selling units, the Honda CD 70 and Honda CG 125, the Pridor, on the other hand, never leads the sales charts and was always famous for being a niche product.

In the last decade, the Honda Pridor has remained a famous brand known for its combination of modern style and power, as the vehicle is famous for its affordable handling without compromising on engine power. The Pridor comes with an overhead camshaft 4-stroke engine and an aggressive look that makes it stand out from others.

Honda launched the motorcycle with a standard Euro II engine as it targeted the low-income market, offering a surprising fuel average. The bike was capable of reaching a speed of 115 km and had decent road grip, along with aerodynamics that made it stand out among its rivals.

The Japanese auto giant has raised bike prices at least six times, and the consecutive increase is making it harder for people to buy new bikes. Amid rising prices, bicycle companies and several banks are offering bicycles on easy installments.

Honda Pridor Installment Plans

Honda PridorTotal Price Rs208,900
3 Months PlanRs69,300 (zero mark-up)
6 Months PlanRs34,800 (zero mark-up)
9 Months PlanRs27,100
12 Months PlanRs21,300
18 Months PlanRs15,475
24 Months PlanRs12,600
36 Months PlanRs9,700

Honda Pridor December price in Pakistan

As of December 2023, the price of the Honda Pridor 2023 is Rs208,900.

Honda Pridor Fuel average

The bike offers a fuel average between 50-55 kilometers per litre.

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