Crude oil prices fell further to a 5-month low in the global market

Crude oil prices fell further

Crude oil prices: Brent crude oil futures were down 8 cents, and US crude oil was down 13 cents per barrel during trading today.

Crude oil prices in the global market fell another 13 cents, after which crude oil prices in the global market fell again to a 5-month low. According to a media report, the price of Brent crude oil futures has dropped by 8 cents and that of US crude oil by 13 cents per barrel in the global market today.

Brent crude oil futures settled at $77.12 a barrel and US crude oil at $72.19 a barrel after oil prices fell, further pushing crude oil prices to five-month lows. After a further and continuous reduction in crude oil prices in the global market, the possibility of a reduction in per-liter oil prices is also showing in Pakistan.

Changes In Gold Price

On the other hand, the price of gold continues to fluctuate in the international market, and due to the decrease in the price of gold in the international market, the prices have also decreased significantly in Pakistan. A huge decline was recorded, and gold prices decreased on the last day. for Rs 4,200 per tola.

The Sarafa Association says that after the reduction in the price of gold per tola in the country by Rs 1,300, the new price rose to Rs 2 lakh 18,100. Similarly, the price of 10 grams of gold decreased by Rs 1,114. After which, the new price became one lakh, 86 thousand, 986 rupees. It should be remembered that the price of gold per ounce reached the level of 2,928 dollars due to the decrease of 9 dollars in the price of gold in the world market.

On the other hand, today the bullish trend continued on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, as a result of which the stock market reached the highest level in the history of the country, where the Pakistan Stock Exchange 100 index was quoted at 63,475 After an increase of 519 points, it began to It is reported that on the third day of the work week, the fall of the American currency continued, and today the dollar has become cheaper by 38 paise to 284 rupees in the interbank.

Yesterday, on the second day of the trading week, business started positively on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, and the 100 index rose by 212 points to reach 62,700 points. Furthermore, the price of the dollar in the interbank market also decreased by 27 paise. , as a result of which the interbank value of the US dollar increased to 284.25 rupees.

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