Indian actor Prabhas’ gift of a gold watch to his teacher Satyanand

Indian actor Prabhas’ gift of a gold watch

Indian actor Prabhas Raju is the superstar of South Indian Telugu films. The 44-year-old actor is considered the symbol of the success of Telugu films. Despite his immense achievements, he not only has not forgotten his former mentors, but he also holds them in high regard.

He recently proved this by gifting his acting teacher Satyanand a beautiful and expensive gold watch on his birthday. A video has also surfaced in which Prabhas presents the watch to Satyanand and also expresses his gratitude. He joked with his teacher that he was having trouble finding a watch with a small wrist-sized dial.

The actor joked that he would guard the precious gift carefully and that the shopkeeper would gladly replace the chain if it was too tight. He remembers that Satyanand is a well-known acting coach and teacher and has produced many successful actors, Mahesh Babu, Pawan reported. Kalyan and Prabhas on the mysteries of acting.

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