Record births in Oman in just one month of August

Record births in Oman in just one month of August

7,234 babies were born in Oman in August, around 10 babies were born per hour, 93% of them Omanis

Muscat The Gulf state of Oman gave birth to a record number of babies in just one month of August. According to Omani media, at least 7,000 babies were born in Oman in August alone, the highest number of births this year. In this regard, the National Center for Statistics and Information said that 7,234 babies were born in Oman in August, the highest number since early 2021, when around 10 babies were born per hour in August. 93% of them are Omani.

Furthermore, Oman ranks first in per capita food consumption in the Gulf states. According to Alpin Capital’s GCC Food Industry Report, the average person in Oman estimates 930.8 kg of food per year, while in 2019, whose food consumption was 27% higher than the total food consumption per 733.6 kg capita per GCC region.

Oman has the highest food self-sufficiency index of all the GCC countries, partly due to its unique distinction of being the region with the highest per capita food consumption in the region. 

According to the report, Oman has the highest nutritional self-sufficiency index of all the GCC countries, reaching 48.0% in 2019, as a result of various investments in the kingdom’s fisheries and agriculture sectors. Food production has grown at an annual growth rate of 11.8. %, the population of the kingdom, which is mostly urban and young, has increased by 3.0% between 2014 and 2019, the fishing self-sufficiency ratio for 2019 is 141.3%, in addition the empire managed to cover 50% of the demand. for fruits, eggs and meat and 80 percent of vegetables through national production.

Video of Naziba Talking About Saudi Professor’s Students Goes Viral

The teacher described the students as equivalent to his daughters and said of the students: “I stood them up.”

Riyadh: A video of a professor talking to students in Saudi Arabia has gone viral, with the Taif University administration announcing an investigation. When it comes to students, I stood them up.

According to Saudi media, the administration has launched an investigation into the use of obscene, offensive and unacceptable words about students by a faculty member of the University of Taif in Saudi Arabia. A video went viral in which an audio call could be heard, in which a Taif University professor preferred female students to female students, equating female students with his own daughters, while saying that he would put the female students standing.

It is reported that as soon as the video went viral on social networks, after the professor’s controversial statements, the students demanded an inquiry against the aforementioned professor, on which a statement from the University of Taif was issued, in which the teacher describes the statement as his own. A personal act and saying that the university would investigate it and issue a report shortly, the statement from the university administration strongly condemned the display of prejudice among students.

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