We will now invite England and New Zealand on our terms: Rameez Raja

We will now invite England and New Zealand on our terms: Rameez Raja

If we are blocked, we will not care about anyone in the future: President PCB

Lahore PCB President Rameez Raja has said that the New Zealand and England cricket teams must return in 2022. Now the PCB President is a former cricketer. We will prepare our backup plan and call you on our terms. In an interview, PCB President Rameez Raja said that the New Zealand cricket team escaped from Pakistan, while England apologized, no security issue, I will present my position in full at the ICC.

“People know that my passion is different. I want the captain to be strong. If you continue to be an average team, the head of selection and the president of the board will dominate you,” he said. Rameez Raja said that if you are the best team, no one has bad intentions to come talk to you, I have such a great position, I will not make a small move.

The president of the PCB had also said yesterday that we will not go to the neutral place, the place will remain Pakistan. He said that blocks have formed, one started, the other did, they can move on, if the building blocks stop us in the same way, we are not going to move on and take care of anyone.

Kiwis did not like to show ‘mirror’, closes the comment option on social networks for fear of criticism

Only those who have been mentioned by the Kiwi Cricket Board can comment on New Zealand Cricket.

Wellington (last Urdu Point newspaper. 22 Sep 2021) The New Zealand Cricket Board closed its comment section on social media when its team, which had canceled the Pakistan tour, arrived in Auckland. A few days ago, the New Zealand cricket team announced not to go to the stadium shortly before ODI’s first match against Pakistan, citing security reasons, which led to the cancellation of the ODI and T20 series between the two teams.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid called New Zealand’s sudden visit a conspiracy, while Pakistan’s Cricket Board Chairman Rameez Raja announced that he will address the matter with the ICC. The NZ team arrived in Auckland, which the NZ Board shared on their Twitter account and shared a video of the players getting off the plane.

The New Zealand Board wrote in the caption that the Brave Squad has arrived in Auckland and now all members will spend 14 days in quarantine. The New Zealand Cricket Board has closed the comment section of the video to avoid criticism for the possible cancellation of the Pakistan tour and only those who have been mentioned by the Kiwi Cricket Board have been allowed to comment. However, it was not immediately clear. whom the Black Caps allowed to comment on. The New Zealand Cricket Board also shared the video on Facebook and Instagram and the comment option was disabled there as well.

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